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How we work

Helvetrust SA is based on a team of specialists who accumulate decades of experience in financial consulting and financial, commercial and administrative management.

Following a world renowned Swiss tradition, we have not only developed a competent presence with our customers, but we also worked on crucial differences in the confidentiality and care of relations and the relevance of advices and services.

Albert Einstein while being one of the most brilliants physicists of our time nevertheless once said “The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.” Without going into a long discussion about this quote, one can nevertheless agree that the field of finance is not an area that can be managed with “almosts.”

Based on this fact Helvetrust SA is an essential support to the smooth running of your projects, locally or internationally. The financial architecture of a business directly determines its profitability, sustainability but also its efficiency to survive to the maze of a ruthless economy.

Our work process is based on several pillars that provide stability and security of our projects:

  • Constant analysis of regulations (Helvetrust SA is a certified and regulated company).
  • Study of current market and its challenges in order to be able to deal with marketing factors.
  • Extensive knowledge of financial tools / structures and their derivatives.
  • A network of selected financial partners (banks, lawyers, specialists, etc.).
  • Employees who are trained and experienced in these financial fields.

And most importantly, a high priority given to the analysis of each project on a case by case basis.

Not only do we here consider the financial structure, but we do want to include a safe position in terms of tax regulations, avoid double taxation, strengthen marketing visibility of your project, take into account banking constraints or other, etc.

“How do I incorporate my future Swiss company?”, “What is the tax ruling?”, such and many other questions are the starting point of our operation.

Once your question arrives in our offices a specialist is assigned to your request. He or she will be your personal correspondent for the continuation of the project. The intended benefit is the speed of action throughout the project.

In any case, our first meeting is free. We therefore invite you to go on How to proceed in the menu.

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