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Helvetrust SA is pleased to present its business philosophy. In point of fact, the efforts that have been made since the creation of our concept proved to be extremely useful in recent times of economic stress.

Referring to (however classic) questions we looked for additional answers that went beyond mere financial analysis:

How could an entrepreneur or investor anticipate the unpredictable trend of the international economy and its laws in the medium term and long term of their financial structure?

Could we put in words these rules that are not mathematical while extremely real and drawn from our experience and observation, that govern the success or failure of a financial plan?

To begin with, it was clear that the consequences of an error or a simple economic imprecision will be disastrous. One of our client came to us recently as the other structure that he was advised to use has cost him hundreds of thousands only because a “minor tax for transfer of ownership was ignored in the initial phase of planning”. We found a solution to recover but it required extensive work. Being able to project plans in a future where the rules are constantly changing is the main criterion at each stage of the proposed plans.

The direct corollary is of course that the immediate economy and gain, even if they are taken into account, can no longer remain the main criteria whatsoever. The common example is the off shore structure which might be the first thought in terms of taxes but that could most probably close a lot of doors with companies or countries who do not want to be connected to this subject due to the very strict regulations.

The following observation was made from the beginning of our consulting activity. Best consulting service, by definition, is one that will first bring success to the client, not one that only profits to the service provider.

Regarding the set up of the project itself, an analysis has then unexpectedly showed us that the value of a financial architecture solution is improved if its choice is weighted by the values of the person who will use it. In other words, the investor will have a say and the final option chosen may well be strongly modulated by ambition, interests and other factual or even subjective criteria of future users and owners or the structure of the solution.

To this let’s add the fact that the operation of real entrepreneurs should not be impeded. It is therefore clear that our work does not consist in only meeting standards but also in understanding them and using them in order that leadership and initiative take their full amplitude. Rules while being used must also allow your company and your entrepreneurship to be protected.

So why should you trust our company? Simply because our customers and their businesses are still there to thank us, years after years. Our longstanding success in this challenging financial world is due to our integrity and honesty and to the direct approach we have with our clients.

So, we think that a long term sound and stable financial operation strategy is better than “get-rich-quick schemes” that will burn your fingers.

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